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Pwlheli Broadband is available from the leading ISP called Eclipse. Targ8 recommend Pwlheli Broadband from Eclipse because they have won many awards like the Best Consumer ISP and Best Business ISP Awards from the leading critic of the Internet Industry called the ISPA who run the annual ISPA awards.

To find out more about Pwlheli Broadband from Eclipse simply click here

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If you need to switch broadband then make sure you consider Eclipse as they truly are one of the best UK ISP's available and only use UK call centres for support. I hope you enjoy surfing with Pwlheli Broadband and Eclipse soon.

Q: Why is Eclipse best for Pwlheli Broadband?


  • Multi-award-winning business and consumer broadband service
  • UK-based expert support teams on hand to help you
  • 24/7 online help resources when you need it
  • Highly recommended by thousands of our users every month
  • They are a Carbon Neutral company

Q: What does Targ8 say about Pwlheli Broadband from Eclipse?

A:"I've been with Eclipse for three years now. You were the best when I signed up and I think that Eclipse keep getting better every year. You are very much still the best by an order of magnitude. Being in the IT industry I check out the competition, and while they can have better pricing, when you look at customer satisfaction on forums or other ISP's small print you guys beat them every time. Keep offering great broadband in Pwlheli."


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