Targ8 | Target Your Search | Dont just Google, target everything Who is Targ8?

Our Motto: Don't Google it, Targ8 it

Targ8 was setup in 2006 using custom search engine technology and a directory look-up system with the aim to improving website search results. Our single searchbox allows you to search lots of sites from one page, and it stays on the top of your results so if you do not find what you want, you can target another site.

This save you time when searching online.

But why targ8? Isn't Google good enough?

1. Targ8 has a default of Google in the search results, but with the added ability to try other sites out for the same search query straight away.

2. With the explosion of people writing online diaries ( blogs), it is getting more difficult to get relevant search results, so more options makes more powerful search results.

3. Targ8 does what it says on the tin. It targets your search results with simple specialist search engine options like image search and music search results, so you can find what you want

4. Less clicks means you are more productive, save time and can find things quicker.

5. If you find what you want quicker, you are more ECO FRIENDLY as you will use less energy to find what you need.

6. We are independent, so we also link to any search engines and searchable sites on one page.

Thank you for using Targ8 and finding out more about us. Why not tell a friend about our service? Please spread the word if you like what we do. Why not visit our top tips on extra words you can submit into our search engine at more >>.


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