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Antivirus download

Antivirus download 

from AVG - What do you get?

  • Antivirus download - Trusted protection
    AVG products are running on over 80 million computers worldwide.
  • Easy to use Antivirus download
    Easy to download, install and use.
  • Security with award-winning Antivirus download
    High-speed automatic updates, unique Internet security technology, certified and awarded by all major independent antivirus certification companies.
  • Free support for Antivirus download
    Technical support and new program upgrades included at no extra cost.

Antivirus download

Secure 3 home computers for the price of 1 - just £39.99

Antivirus download from AVG is normally £39.99 for a one-year subscription, for one-license (giving protection for one computer only).

Targ8 is the first search engine to partner with an Antivirus download provider and pass on the referral benefits to our customers to protect you while you use the internet and search online. Targ8 is aware that as technology advances, and the demands of modern-day households change, many of our customers' now have more than one PC or laptop in the home. Our exclusive offer provides you with Antivirus download protection for up to 3 computers in your home for just £39.99, plus the option of a FREE 30 day trial.

Antivirus download 30 day trial

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