how to adjust lnb frequency of satellite tv and network tv at the same time

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the adjustments related to lnb include:polarization angle, focal length, relative position of the high frequency head in the feed disk and so on. it's easy to adjust the routine step by step. the problem is that there are many defects in the quality of equipment. some strange and strange problems arise, which people can't think about. at this time, we need to not stick to the routine, think carefully and stress skills to solve them.

adjust one at a time. no matter how to adjust the 5m pan, the satellite tv always feels that the signal is very poor and abnormal. after thinking about it, we start from correcting the gravity deformation of the pan surface, and finally solve the problem.

in 2005, a typhoon hit me. the 2m pot's high frequency turns around. after the new installation, the tv sports platform and tvbs8 platform can't be considered. one is always good and the other is bad, and can't be considered. after many times of debugging, it is possible to give consideration to zheng's recovery occasionally, but the reason is still unclear. do not give up, from the beginning. finally, it is clear that the fastening screws were tightened too tightly when lnb was fixed later, and the waveguide port was deformed (very slight, normal when it was removed, which could not be seen at all).

third, adjust one side. 5m miscellaneous pot, no matter what method is used, the effect is not as good as 1. 2 m brand pot, the location of the high frequency head has no improvement in the up and down zoom for many times. after many times of side measurement, the three supporting rods were cut off decisively by 10 cm, and the high frequency head finally found the right focus.

4. some time ago, when 88 degree star was unlocked, the viewing signal was always near the threshold, making it hard to watch. it is thought that the frequency characteristics of c-band are very uneven because of ku waveguide in c-band. although 87. the individual frequency of c-segment of 5-degree stars has been reduced, but it does not affect the viewing. when receiving 166 degree stars, this method is also used to use segment c as 1. 2 m pot. in addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the relative position of the frequency head and the feed disk when the frequency head is adjusted, the plane feed disk is not needed when the c head is used as the defocus, and the polarization angle is not necessarily consistent with the theoretical value when the satellite tv frequency head is used as the defocus.

tips: a section of tube made of copper is put into the center of c-head waveguide. after carefully adjusting the length, the quality of the two lnb frequency signals of 88 degree star is increased by about 2%, which can be watched stably.


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