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5g rf front-end

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5g mobile networks require a data rate of 10 gbps, a latency of less than 1ms, and a capability of connecting 1 million mobile devices per square kilometer. the capacity of 5g network will be more than 1000 times larger than that of 4g. in the future, the user experience of 5g wireless network will be comparable to that of fiber to the home. in addition, 5g supports a wider range of scenarios such as transportation, healthcare, agriculture, finance, construction, power grids, and environmental protection. the channel number of the 5g rf front-end will reach tens or even hundreds. the miniaturization of terminal equipment requires the rf front-end to adopt a fully-integrated solution, which is the key technical challenge of 5g. 

waython has solid technology portfolios in gaas/inp/gan rf power amplifier, soi rf switch and low noise amplifier, cmos transmitter and receiver, fbar filter and so on. we are also specialized in building accurate linear and nonlinear rf models for both active and passive components. at present, we hold more than ten invention patents. we will release fully integrated rf front-end products for 5g smart phone and small scale base station in q4 2018, and mass production is expected in 2019.

rf/mm-wave ic technologies

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